Fireproof and temperature resistant insulation tape (sheet)

product manual

Temperature-resistant insulating tape is a new type of composite material. Compared with PVC tape and ordinary polymer material (such as plastic, ordinary rubber) tape, it has a comprehensive leading advantage. The temperature-resistant insulating tape has very good flame-retardant, low-smoke, and non-toxic properties. At the same time, the residues after burning will not melt or drip, ensuring that the wires, cables and accessories will not be damaged in the event of a fire, and will play a strong protective role in the smooth flow of electricity and communications.

Product Features

1. The temperature-resistant insulating tape is an environmentally-friendly new material with international advanced level, domestic leading high-tech, and pollution-free;

2. The temperature-resistant insulating tape has low smoke, no halogen, no phosphorus nitrogen, no heavy metals, non-toxic and harmless; the smoke toxicity safety level reaches the highest safety level of polymer materials ZA1, and it will not cause secondary damage to the human body. Injury; in line with EU ROHS standards;

3. The temperature-resistant insulating tape has a relatively low density, does not absorb water or moisture, and the storage period can reach 1 to 3 years;

4. The temperature-resistant insulating tape has high strength, excellent mechanical properties, softness, good elasticity, and excellent electrical properties. It has a smooth texture, easy to use, and can avoid cuts and abrasions from the opponent. It is easy to achieve complete wrinkle-free Wrap around.

5. The temperature-resistant insulating tape is resistant to high and low temperatures, and is resistant to aging. Normal operating temperature: -60℃~200℃;

6. The temperature-resistant insulating tape has the characteristics of non-melting, non-dripping and non-flammability, and has very good flame-retardant properties, and can pass the UL510 flame-retardant performance certification.

main application

1. Induction furnace power supply, lead wires are electrically insulated

2. In high temperature applications, fixed non-stick high temperature insulators

3. Replace the tape that requires high temperature requirements

4. Used for reinforced insulation under heavy load and high temperature environment applications

5. The silicone rubber belt is used for mechanical protection such as friction and abrasion.

Typical product data of temperature-resistant insulating tape

Security and storage

* The shelf life of temperature-resistant insulating tape at room temperature is three years, and it is recommended to use it within 6 months.

* Please wear protective glasses and gloves when operating this product.

* Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

* Keep out of reach of children.


* Packed in 20KG carton, lined with plastic bag. Please store in a cool place.