General Silicone Rubber Series

Product description

Compression permanent deformation is the permanent deformation of rubber materials in the compression direction, and is an important performance when used as gaskets under high and low temperature conditions. After the test piece is fixed at a specified compression rate, it is placed at a specified temperature for a certain period of time. After the load is removed, it is placed for a certain period of time to allow it to recover freely. At this time, the remaining deformation that cannot be restored to its original state is called permanent deformation. Use residual deformation as a percentage of compression deformation as a characterization value. Among synthetic rubbers, thermally vulcanized silicone rubber has the smallest compression set and can maintain good compression set in a wide temperature range.

Main features

* Good roll processing performance, non-stick roll, easy roll loading, moderate plasticity.

* Excellent and stable physical properties, low compression set.

* Pass ROHS certification, REACH SVHC certification, etc.

Three, the main application

* Silicone gaskets, sealing rings, gaskets, etc.

Four, typical product data

Five, use method and operation

1. Start mixing on an open mill for about 3-5 minutes, so that the rubber can be rolled and mixed evenly.

2. Add the color paste and mix evenly (if necessary), then add the vulcanizing agent, hit ten to fifteen rolls, so that the vulcanizing agent is evenly dispersed in the rubber, and the surface of the rubber becomes smooth.

3. Lower the roll and eject the film. Separate the two pieces with adhesive paper. For molding and vulcanization, it is recommended to add a double-two-five vulcanizing agent (about 1.2%)

Security and storage

* From the date of production, it should be stored at room temperature for six months; it is recommended to use it within three months. If it exceeds three months, the product mixing time should be appropriately extended.

* Please wear protective glasses and gloves when operating this product.

* Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

* Keep out of reach of children.

* Before use, please read the product instructions and product safety data sheet carefully.

Seven, packaging

* Packed in 20KG carton, lined with plastic bag.

Instructions for industrial use

1. The user is obliged to understand the scope of application and use of the product.

2. The inspection report we shipped with the goods is only based on the vulcanization conditions and testing methods of Dongguan Langsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. It cannot be used as the standard for the silicone rubber compound of Dongguan Langsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. and cannot be accepted as a customer. Acceptance basis of Sheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. products.

3. Due to the different testing and production conditions, we cannot guarantee that both parties can get the same test results. It is recommended that users use the data tested under their own testing conditions as a reference for performance.

4. Any of the above performance data and applicable suggestions are only a reference for the performance of the products of Dongguan Langsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd., and not a guarantee for the effectiveness or generality of Dongguan Langsheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. under a specific application.

5. We reserve the right to change the product data, if there is any change, without notice.