Heat-resistant silicone rubber

Main features

* Good roll processing performance, non-stick roll, easy roll loading, moderate plasticity.

* Good extrusion performance, smooth extrusion. The extrusion surface is good.

* Good mechanical strength and electrical properties.

* Pass ROHS certification, REACH certification, etc.

main application

* Extrusion of electrical insulation layer, sheath layer, etc.

* Production of high-voltage cables, ship cables, etc.

Typical product data

Five, use method and operation

1. Start mixing on an open mill for about 3-5 minutes, so that the rubber can be rolled and mixed evenly.

2. Add color paste and mix evenly (if necessary), then add vulcanizing agent, hit ten to fifteen rolls, so that the vulcanizing agent is evenly dispersed in the rubber, and the surface of the rubber becomes smooth.

3. Lower the roll and eject the film. Separate the two pieces with adhesive paper.

The curing temperature is 170℃-350℃, and the specific setting is determined according to the equipment, extrusion speed and cable specifications.

Security and storage

* From the date of production, it should be stored at room temperature for six months; it is recommended to use it within three months. If it exceeds three months, the product mixing time should be appropriately extended.

* Please wear protective glasses and gloves when operating this product.

* Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

* Keep out of reach of children.

* Before use, please read the product instructions and product safety data sheet carefully.

Seven, packaging

* Packed in 20KG carton, lined with plastic bag.