Ceramic silicon rubber compound belt

Product description

Ceramicized refractory silicone rubber belt is a new type of composite material that can be porcelainized at high temperatures. The fire-resistant silicone rubber belt is quickly burned into a hard and complete shell at a temperature of 500-300°C to ensure that the wires and cables are not damaged in the event of a fire, and play a strong protective role in the smooth flow of electricity and communications.

Ceramicized fire-resistant silicone rubber tape can replace mica tape as the fire-resistant layer of fire-resistant and fire-resistant cables. Especially for low- and medium-voltage fire-resistant and fire-resistant wires and cables, not only can it be used as a fire-resistant layer, but also an insulating layer at the same time.

Product features

1 Forming a self-supporting ceramic body in the flame. When the rubber material containing inorganic filler is exposed to the flame, the rubber is degraded or burned. After the degradation or combustion products volatilize, inorganic residues or ash with less strength are left. These residues are usually not agglomerated or self-supporting, and even broken into granules or powder, so they have no fire protection effect. When the specially designed ceramized rubber is exposed to flame, depending on the rubber type and formula adjustment, it can be ceramized in the range of 500~800℃ or above, and sintered into a porous self-supporting ceramic body, in a certain period of time (0.5 ~2h) The integrity of the structure can be maintained, and the effect of "passive fire protection" can be brought into full play, and valuable time can be gained for fire safety.

2 It has a certain strength and good thermal shock resistance. The sintered body after ceramization is relatively hard, and there is a ceramic sound when it hits, and it has a certain flexural strength and press-through strength. The bending strength of the ceramized silicone rubber specimen is much greater than that of ordinary silicone rubber, and it increases significantly with the increase of temperature. The fire-fighting process is simulated by spraying water on the high-temperature ablated test piece, and the sintered body of ceramized silicone rubber does not burst, showing good thermal shock resistance.

3 Halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxicity, self-extinguishing, environmentally friendly ceramic silicone rubber can achieve flame-retardant and self-extinguishing effect without adding halogen flame retardant, flame retardant UL94V-0. Under the ablation of the flame, the smoke was completely cut off after being burned for a few minutes. In the subsequent ablation process, no more smoke was produced by itself. The combustion of ceramic silicon rubber produces carbon dioxide, water and silicon dioxide, all of which are non-toxic substances.

4 Good electrical properties. The electrical properties of the optimized ceramic silicone rubber-volume resistivity before sintering is not less than 1015Ω•cm. As the sintering temperature rises, its volume resistivity decreases. After burning at 1000°C for 30 minutes, its volume resistivity will decrease. The volume resistivity dropped to 107Ω•cm.

5 Easy-to-process ceramic silicone rubber compound production equipment is the same as ordinary silicone rubber. The rubber compound has good extrusion performance and molding performance. It can be directly extruded and vulcanized into wires and cables with silicone rubber wire and cable equipment without additional equipment. . The production process of the fire-resistant cable is simplified and the cost is reduced.

Typical product data

Fourth, the main application

Mainly used in the production of fire-resistant wires and cables. The fire-resistant wires and cables produced can ensure the smooth flow of power and communication lines in the event of a fire; it has reached the performance index of the national standard GB/T19216, that is, under the load of 0.6/1KV, 950 If the temperature is above ℃ and the flame ablation is greater than 180min, there will be no short circuit and uninterrupted circuit, thus ensuring the unblocked line, saving the lives and property of personnel, and maximizing time.

Due to the superior characteristics of fire-resistant silica gel, the wires and cables produced by it have a very wide range of applications. Such as: hospitals, theaters, commercial buildings, subways, tunnels, railways, airports, stations, large public sports, entertainment venues, large supermarkets, hotels, hotels and other crowded places; TV stations, military facilities, nuclear power plants and other power and communication facilities have strict requirements Fields: coal, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries with harsh external environments.

Safety and storage

* The shelf life of ceramicized fire-resistant silicone rubber belt at room temperature is five years. It is recommended to use it within six months, and it can still be used after passing the inspection.

* Store in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

* Keep out of reach of children.

Six, packaging

* Lined with plastic bags, and packed in cardboard boxes for external use.